Fundamental Research Fund

Join us to discover and solve some of the world’s most difficult health challenges.
Our scientists are committed to research that will improve the health of both animals and people.

Research conducted in neuroscience, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics provides the basis for the development of medical technologies, therapies, vaccines, and medications. Scientists also conduct research in epidemiology, infectious disease, integrative physiology, and veterinary clinical and translational sciences that improve public health and animal health.  

At the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, discoveries by our biomedical researchers are the foundation for innovations to solve health challenges locally and globally. From innovative technologies that will help feed growing populations to learning how drug use affects our brains and behavior, combatting diseases such as Lyme disease, and understanding zoonotic diseases transmitted between animals and people, we are on the leading edge of discovery and innovation.

Questions about giving? Contact Lynne Haley or 509-335-5021.

To make a gift by mail:

Please make your check out to “WSUF” (Washington State University Foundation) and indicate the fund name. Send the check to:

College of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: Development Office
PO Box 647010
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-7010

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