Elizabeth R. Hall Endowment Scholarship

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The Elizabeth Hall Scholarship is a way for alumni and friends to make meaningful contributions to Microbiology education at WSU's School of Molecular Bioscience.

The Elizabeth Hall Scholarship was established in 1972 by many friends, colleagues, and former students to honor Dr. Elizabeth Hall (1914-2001), a member of the WSU faculty from 1944 to 1976. Dr. Hall was a researcher and instructor in bacteriology and public health for 32 years. She was a noted teacher and received the Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award from the American Society of Microbiology in 1976.

  • Certified major in microbiology
  • Potential for a successful career in a medical aspect of microbiology

Scholarship Recipients

  • Andrea Bonner, Lon Kwan Lam, Adriana Lippy 2010
  • Kyle Nelson, Van Nguyen, Marie Smith, Bhim Thapa 2011
  • Abigail Moody, Cristal Reyna, Marie Smith, Bhim Thapa 2012
  • Anjelica Ludwig, Sam McInally, Alicia Ocasio 2013
  • Scott Blaine, James Bonner, Nathan Cherzan, Preston Dehan, Manik Malla, Kari Mitchell, Homa Shaarbaf 2014
  •  Jaslyn Erickson, Floricel Gonzalez, Jenna Gregory 2015
  • Kayla Keppler, Tenzin Lama, Zachary Taylor 2016
  • Grace Carrell 2017
  • Jeanie O'Donnell 2018
  • Alyssa Eliopulos, Darby Fox, Courtney Klappenbach 2019
  • Madilyn Barrett Anna Elder 2020 

Questions about giving? Contact Lynne Haley or 509-335-5021.

To make a gift by mail:

Please make your check out to “WSUF” (Washington State University Foundation) and indicate the fund name. Send the check to:

College of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: Development Office
PO Box 647010
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-7010

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