Paraprofessional Training & Education

Join us to prepare skilled professionals to meet veterinary workforce needs

Those earning a veterinary paraprofessional certificate from WSU have the necessary skills to transcribe the veterinary medical visit, communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and support members of the veterinary health care team.

WSU’s veterinary paraprofessional certificate program could alleviate some of the most pressing issues facing the veterinary profession, including staffing shortages and burnout from long hours, high workloads and stress.

The program combines online learning that can be completed anywhere with hands-on training in a clinical setting. Students can complete a certificate in as little as a month and will leave prepared for new roles that will enhance client care and ease workloads for veterinarians and technicians.

Veterinary paraprofessionals will expand the team that can help serve clients’ needs.  There are diverse teams of people supporting physicians in human medicine, and we envision something similar in veterinary medicine."

- Dr. Dori Borjesson, dean of the college

What do veterinary paraprofessionals do?

  • Perform work to support veterinarians and veterinary technicians
  • Act as liaisons between the veterinarian and the client
  • Promote the human-animal bond and maintain quality patient care  

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