McFadden/Yount Undergraduate Scholarship in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

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Bruce McFadden and Ralph Yount established this scholarship in 2003 as a reflection of their research efforts and the development of biochemistry at Washington State University. As former chairs and professors in the in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry they taught hundreds of students and wanted to support them through scholarships.


Scholarship Recipients

  • Mitchell Go, Denali Kagel, Kyle Romine, Brianna Stanley, 2015
  • Rachel Crowther, Celeste Lee, Chase Teigen, Spencer Wheeler 2016
  • Chris Collins, Steve Scott, 2017
  • Mikayla Engstrom, Karen Vo, 2018
  • Amanda Antoch, Owen Canterbury, Ony Chigozie, Blake Cohoe, Cassidy Peru, Alexander Phung, Natalie Sanchez,  2019
  • Owen Canterbury, Megan Johnsen, Brianna Lindgren, Nathan Michellys, 2020

Questions about giving? Contact Lynne Haley or 509-335-5021.

To make a gift by mail:

Please make your check out to “WSUF” (Washington State University Foundation) and indicate the fund name. Send the check to:

College of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: Development Office
PO Box 647010
Washington State University
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